Rowan Spencer is a New York-based designer-who-writes-turned-writer-who-designs. In addition to the recent copy work presented here, he has contributed creative spanning visual and sonic media to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New Museum, Classpass, Discogs, Kinfolk, Open, and more.

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Project: Le Dépanneur Magazine Issue 02
Format: Print Interview
Date: April 7, 2021
(In conversation with product designer, DJ, and label head Eugene Whang...)

RS: Had you worked with Virgil [Abloh] before this party [at 1015]?

EW: No, Virgil I actually know through Heron [Preston]. Heron is from the Bay, we’re old friends and he introduced me to Virgil four or five years ago?

RS: Considering you also work with design, have you guys ever sort of chopped it up about that world?

EW: Yeah, he is an architect after all so we do have nice talks about design and stuff, but we’re newer friends. This was our first time working together, and that was a great experience.

The whole point of this last party was to introduce certain music and stuff we’re into to new people: there’s a whole older kind of obsessive cross section of people who are into Harvey’s sound, for example, and then there’s a whole generation of people who haven’t discovered it yet. I just happened to be texting with Virgil when I was trying to make the final details happen for the 1015 event with Harvey.

We were trying to figure out what else to do in the other rooms and then it was just like, oh fuck, I know Virgil and I have talked about Harvey before, I know how much Virgil respects him, and Virgil DJs and the culture of nightlife and music really influences a ton of his work. So I was like, hey, let’s see if we can make this happen. A lot of stuff was moving around for a while and then it just kind of started to work out.