Rowan Spencer is a New York-based designer-who-writes-turned-writer-who-designs. In addition to the recent copy work presented here, he has contributed creative spanning visual and sonic media to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New Museum, Classpass, Discogs, Kinfolk, Open, and more.

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Project: Public Records NYC
Format: Instagram Caption
Date: September 12, 2020
Thrilled to now offer this skin contact Altura Ansonaco from Italian winemaker Francesco Carfagna, by the bottle on our wine list. Francesco lives and works in a retrofitted grain mill above the clouds on the top of a mountain on the small island of Giglio, where he lives with his wonderful wife Gabriela.

PR’s Shane Davis was lucky enough to visit him during the vineyard’s annual concert for the September harvest. From Shane: “I was introduced to Francesco when traveling through Maremma and had to divert my entire trip to meet him in Giglio. We finally have gotten our hands on his Ansonaco, the signature grape of Giglio and the wine he is known for. Perfect time for it as to me it signifies the product of hard work and dedication in the most extreme conditions -- the beauty created worth the effort.”